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Yvonne Hobbs 

Yvonne Hobbs

My art evolves from the elements of life that surround me. The life that pulses forth from the soil, the air, and the water along with records of past lives that exist in the rocks and fossils that were once buried and do resurface over time. Using nature as my source of inspiration, I blend plant, geological, animal, and human forms into visual statements with an emphasis on implied energy and motion.


Integrating the human form with other earth elements is an ongoing theme in my sculpture. I bring together records from the past in the form of rock and integrate human forms with it to create a statement of oneness with the earth. This is achieved by being mindful of volume with weight pushing against weight, curve balancing curve, and angle opposing angle while echoing the forms and textures that are an inherent part of the rock.


Birds are a strong source of inspiration, they populate the world and have adapted to a wide range of diverse conditions. Their agility and flight represent movement and freedom while the earth as subject matter can be a source of security or volatility. In my bird/land series, simultaneous images of inner and outer bird forms are integrated with the land and rock imagery in multiple states of shifting, eroding or settling; combining an infinite number of moments into a single image. The constant ebb and flow of every life form in transition, as well as the interior structures in nature, from minute to grandiose, are relevant to my work.


May 11 + 12

Hours: 10 am - 5 pm

Stanton Hill Studios

2320 Stanton Hill Rd., Nichols 

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