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When I studied studio art at college in the 1970s, the sculpture and jewelry programs were run by the same instructor. Given this experience, I do not see them as separate disciplines but rather as two aspects of the same pursuit. 


For most of my professional life, I have earned my living as a bench jeweler. I have always thought of jewelry as small-scale sculpture, often abstract in its nature. For this reason, I am comfortable working in the abstract across different mediums—in addition to jewelry, many of my paintings and sculptures lean toward the abstract. 


Oftentimes, an idea might start with a drawing or a piece of jewelry and manifest into a painting or sculpture. All of my works are in dialogue—each influencing the other and striving to create that which has not been seen before.


May 11 + 12

Hours: 10 am - 5 pm

Leaky Pond Studio

2518 Montrose Tpke., Owego



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