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I paint to celebrate life and express the beauty therein.

Since childhood, I have found great joy and comfort from observing living things, and have found the same in creating works of art. So naturally, I find that combining the two brings an even greater feeling of pleasure and contentment. But while I’ve always been considered “artistic” to people who know me, I did not start painting as a hobby until I was in college, and I did so on a whim. I was going to school for conservation biology, not art, and my only training in art was your basic primary school level art classes, and high school level drawing and sculpture… not painting. Certainly not oil painting. But the acrylic snow leopard I painted for a friend, my first unguided work, was not terrible, and I quite enjoyed creating it. A passion was born, and it was a couple years later that I ventured into oils. With oils, I really found my happy medium.

My goal as an artist is to share the joy that I feel when I observe nature, hopefully inspire a passion for the wonders of life in others, and, occasionally, feed the imagination. One portrait at a time.


May 11 Hours: 10am - 5pm

May 12 Hours: 10am - 1pm

Pop-Up Gallery - Riverow Bookshop

187 Front St., Owego


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