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Old Souls Home Studio is located on the third floor of 42 Lake Street, in what once served as the original Owego Elks Lodge, and much later as the Masonic Lodge. The studio is graced with the architectural remnants of those fraternal organizations-tin ceiling, raised stages along all walls, grain painted trim and entrance doors (with large peep holes to see who can be granted entry) with transoms.


The lodge room was most recently used as the framing workshop for Artisans Townhouse. Now the walls are lined with components used in my assemblage pieces, as well as whatever inspires me. You will see artfully arranged open suitcases filled with cast off metal parts, old toys, musical instruments, doll heads/parts, and who knows what. Alongside that menagerie are antique photos, frames, tools, and of course my favorite- architectural elements. The main stage at the front of the building showcases completed pieces, and the multiple work tables allow me to work on several projects at one time- each
one inspiring changes in the next as they feed on my super power of “distractability”.

One of the anterooms originally used to store cloaks (and daggers?) now has a tin ceiling-but the tin is upside down to create an aged grotto effect. Hanging from the ceiling are bird cages and the walls are lined with vintage religious art, with an old Old Fellows Hall casket and skeleton guarding the door to the fire escape. Religious inspired creations will be shown in this room.

The main anteroom is home to a wall of doors that stored who knows what. Above the doors is a bead board “door” that opens upwards and would make a great sleeping loft for those who like cozy nooks. For the Art Trail this cozy nook will be alive with my Halloween inspired creations. Don’t worry- they arefar enough away that they can’t get you. At least that is what they said to me.

The second floor is my living space-set up loft style and is off-limits for the Art Trail. BUT- it will be on the Home Tour in December. You can have your opportunity at that time to see more of my décor and how I style a living space.

May 11 + 12 

Hours: 10am - 5pm

Old Souls Home

42 Lake St., 3rd Floor, Owego

Devil's Darkroom pic from SPWF
Weight a Minute Time Flies
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